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By Funeral-Link New Zealand | Posted: Wednesday February 21, 2018

SWFS - Funeral-Link Tokoroa - we recognise each Funeral as a unique and individual event and will help you to choose options that allow you to tailor a service to meet your needs. Choices and options are explained so that you have full control over the nature of the service.

We are situated in Commerce Street in Tokoroa in the Central North Island and serve the whole of the South Waikato District. We offer services in the townships of Tokoroa, Putaruru, Tirau, Mangakino and in all the surrounding Districts.

Our premises include reception and interview offices, chapel and reception facilities.

Our staff take pride in being able to provide a wide range of professional services in a warm and friendly atmosphere. South Waikato Funeral services may be contacted at 07 8860-5160.

Services offered:


Our show room contains a range of Caskets to suit most budgets.


There is no Crematorium in the South Waikato District. Cremations are carried out at any one of the Crematoriums in Hamilton, Rotorua or Taupo. The practice of Private Cremation after a local Funeral and committal service has become the most common choice for families and unless otherwise requested, we would normally use the Taupo Crematorium which offers some advantage in cost and efficiency.

Ashes are returned from the Crematorium to our premises usually within 24 hours of the Cremation. We are happy to discuss suitable arrangements for their final disposition or to help you carry out your wishes.

We carry a small range of Wooden and Ceramic Urns and have access to other imported Urns usually within 24 hours.

Arrangements for interment in the local Cemetery or elsewhere can be combined with the installation of a suitable memorial plaque.


Flowers remain an important part of the Formal Funeral Service, providing both a point of focus and a symbol of love and care as well as allowing people to express their sympathy in a non-verbal way.

Our experience in these matters can help you choose colours styles and types of floral arrangements that are appropriate. Casket Sprays, Wreaths, Natural Bunches, Floral Names, initials, crosses and other shapes are available.

We are happy to work with your own florist or with one of our recommended florists.

A full Casket Spray can be obtained for between $100.00. and $130.00.


We will help you to prepare the Funeral notices and place them for you in The NZ Herald, South Waikato News or any other Newspaper around N.Z.

Radio announcements may be necessary on some occasions and we can arrange for these also. Because family contact addresses in the newspaper can sometimes be the target of unwarranted attention we recommend the use of a P.O.Box number. This may be yours or ours.


South Waikato Funeral services offers a comprehensive memorial service as agents for Waikato Stonecraft. We arrange for memorials to be placed in any Cemetery in the District and have a selection of lawn Headstone and Cremation Memorials on display in our premises


This is an area that concerns many people.

Our account for Funeral services is divided into three main areas:

Professional services:

These are fees concerned with the provision of the services you have requested; they include items such as the removal and transfer from the place of death, hearse hire, embalming care and preparation, documentation and registration; personal attendances at viewings and attendance at the formal Funeral service; provision of services and equipment maintenance of a 24 hour service; these fees will be different in each case depending upon the nature of the services chosen.


The fee in this area will reflect the price of the Casket you choose.


These are the payments made on your behalf for specific items:

They include Cemetery or Crematorium Fees; Newspaper announcements; Gratuities to Clergy or Organist; Doctor's Fees; Death Registration Certificate; Hymn Sheets; Floral Tributes and the costs of various sundry items you might choose.


The Funeral Director will be pleased to provide you with an estimate at the time of the arrangement if requested.

You will be asked to sign an authority form at the time of the arrangement.

Payment is due within six weeks and in most cases a rebate for prompt payment will be offered. Arrangements for longer term credit can be made and it should be noted that these may include penalty interest.

Because death may occur unexpectedly or when finances are strained, there may be a need to seek financial assistance. Grants toward the cost of Funerals can be made to those persons who qualify, through Income Support or ACC. If you wish, the Funeral Director will help you with applications and will advise you on your approach to Government agencies, Insurance Companies etc.


South Waikato Funeral Services is a member of the Funeral Directors Association of N.Z. and participates in the Associations Pre-paid Funeral plan.

Pre-payments can be made in a lump sum up to $10,000.00 or, as most people prefer, pre-arrangements can be made and a cost for the Funeral at todays prices can be settled upon. The plan is generally inflation proof and the funeral, once paid for the investment will take care of itself so that no added costs occur in the future. The plan is fully tax paid and should there be an excess of funds above the cost of the Funeral these would be paid to your estate.




PHONE O7 886-5160


FAX 07 8869748.

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