Loss and Grief Awareness Week 2015

By Funeral-Link New Zealand | Posted: Thursday July 23, 2015

Loss and Grief Awareness Week 2015 will take place from Monday 27 July to Sunday 2 August.

In 2015, the Skylight Loss and Grief Awareness Week will take place from Monday 27 July to Sunday 2 August 2015.

The purpose of this week is to raise awareness about the unique challenges that children, young people and adults face when they’re grieving a difficult loss, of any kind. It will also offer ideas about ways people can support their friends, family, whanau, neighbours and community through such hard times. What works? Where can extra help be found?

It might be, for example: 

  • bereavement, 
  • illness, 
  • injury, 
  • a relationship breakdown, 
  • separation or divorce, 
  • family break up, 
  • the challenges of blended families, 
  • being a victim of crime, abuse or violence, 
  • the consequences of addiction, 
  • a family member in prison, 
  • a big disappointment 
  • or the aftermath of a disaster.
We invite all those who are grieving, those who are supporting others and those who work in support organisations or groups, to be part of this awareness week. 

Together, we can help support and educate our community about what grief’s like, ways to offer support and how to find the right kind of extra help, if its needed.

Visit the Skylight website.

Funeral-Link members are in each region throughout New Zealand. They share each others values and are able to support families through the journey of change. see: www.funeral-link.co.nz for your local member.  

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