Cambridge Funeral Services 

By Funeral-Link New Zealand | Posted: Wednesday February 21, 2018

Cambridge Funeral Services, Funeral-Link Cambridge

Stuart Houchen of Cambridge Funeral Services, makes it easier to cope at a time of loss and confusion by providing a complete service. He will take care of any matters that must be attended to at the time of someone’s death and in planning a suitable funeral. 

When organising a funeral service with Stuart, family members can be assured that they will be able to play a large part in the planning, choosing from a variety of options. 

Well-qualified as a funeral director, Stuart holds the appropriate professional qualifications – the National Certificate in Funeral Directing, the National Certificate in Embalming and the National Diploma in Funeral Services.

Raised on a farm in Rukuhia, Stuart is a local person, familiar with his community and its needs and expectations.

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