Harbour City Funeral Home

By Funeral-Link New Zealand | Posted: Wednesday February 21, 2018

Harbour City Funeral Home, Funeral-Link Wellington - has been serves the people of Wellington, Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt with honesty and integrity.

Our Mission Statement

To promote the highest standards of ethics and service in the funeral profession through education, communication and leadership. To be recognised as a leader in funeral service in the Wellington and Hutt Valley region.

Our Value Statement

  • Integrity: We will act with truth and honesty in all our dealings with the families we serve. 
  •  Excellence: The highest professional and ethical standards will govern our work and our relationships with others. 
  •  Innovation: We will continually explore new avenues to provide better service to the families we serve.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide personal service for each individual family, showing compassion and high-quality professional service in a manner consistent with the values of the families we are serving.

Our Vision

Our vision is to meet your needs and then exceed them.


Simon Manning commenced in business under the name Harbour City Funeral Home on August 1st 1989, with the keen assistance of his parents who worked with him for the first 18 months, to get him started (just like parents do).

Simon had been Managing E. Morris Junior funeral directors prior to this move. The Owners of E. Morris Junior merged with another funeral home and at this stage Simon started Harbour City Funeral Home.

Simon Manning started in the funeral industry on January 5th 1980 . His personality was such that he required perfection from himself and those around him. For the first 3 years of his employment he was a trainee embalmer and assistant funeral director.

In 1985 he completed his Certificate in Embalming; this course was run over two years and taught him the art and science of embalming. Following this he then went on to formalise his qualifications in funeral service, with him attending the funeral directing course at the Central Institute of Technology, in November 2000 he was awarded his Diploma in Funeral Service the highest qualification available in the New Zealand funeral industry.

While Simon clearly knows that qualifications do not make you a good funeral director, they do allow the public some assurance that the person has attained a standard measured independently. 

He has therefore always encouraged and supported those within the funeral industry who wish to attend formal training courses.

Following the commencement of Harbour City Funeral Home in August 1989, he quickly became known as the funeral director that would go the extra mile.

In the years since August 1989 we have come along way, we have a long way to go. We love the challenges and embrace change as it occurs.

Our goal to ensure that you receive the very best service available.

Funeral-Link members are in each region throughout New Zealand. They share each others values and are able to support families through the journey of change. see: www.funeral-link.co.nz for your local member. 

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