Tributes - Online Memorials

By Funeral-Link New Zealand | Posted: Wednesday February 21, 2018

Tributes Online is a safe, secure website where funeral notices, personal comments, photographs, photo presentations and personal histories can be placed as a memorial to a person who has died.

A tribute page on our website allows you to convey information about funerals to family and friends anywhere in the world. All comments and images are checked by the funeral home or tributes administrator before being uploaded to the website to ensure all content is appropriate.

Each tribute page has a tribute book where messages can be read or added to the book at no cost. You can include eulogies and speeches read out at the funeral service or tributes that have been sent to you.

Tribute pages and books can be printed by family and friends at any time.

Tribute pages can be easily shared to Facebook.

All Funeral-Link funeral homes are able to have immediate access to the Tributes website and can create tribute pages for you.

Funeral-Link members are in each region throughout New Zealand. They share each others values and are able to support families through the journey of change. see: for your local member. 

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