Many Colours of Grief

By Funeral-Link New Zealand | Posted: Wednesday February 21, 2018

Funeral-Link has commissioned the writing of this series of three books to assist families and friends through what can be a very difficult and challenging time. It is our sincere hope that you will find some support and reassurance in the books provided to you.

Some funeral homes also offer a bereavement support service. Funeral-LInk recommend that you use these services if the need arises.

About the authors:

Tricia Irving Hendry manages Skylight’s grief resource and information centre and Skylight’s publishing arm. Tricia has developed a range of support publications for people of all ages impacted by loss. She regularly presents on aspects of the grief journey and brings a practical down-to-earth perspective to it.

Lynne Ewart, as an experienced bereavement counsellor and former funeral director, has supported people through loss for over 20 years, both during the death and dying process and during bereavement. She has co-authored a book on sudden death, presents on grief regularly and, as a co-founder of Skylight, works on some of Skylight’s bereavement support projects.

As your grief journey begins...

Tricia and Lynne have both journeyed through different grief experiences in their lives. They know that grief isn’t easy. In fact, it’s not only painful - it can be very tiring and hard work.

Tricia says ‘I used to wish I could find some way to give my grief the day off, just so I could have time to catch my breath. It was so preoccupying and exhausting.’

They’ve learned that grief is like a mix of colours. It can surprise us with its depth or vivid brightness but also can show us its pale and muted tones. It’s like an unpredictable patchwork experience. When they each faced their own losses, they found themselves encountering a mix of grief ’s colours every day as they coped with many different thoughts, emotions and reactions. Grief has so many shades and colours.

when we grieve a loss,
we can find ourselves
thinking about the other
losses we’ve had in our life too.
They can all roll together.
When grieving for the one,
we can grieve for them all.
As we start to heal for one,
we can start to heal for others too.

They’ve learned that grief gives us all insights and understandings, like no other human experience can and found they discovered more about themselves and others. As they’ve worked professionally to support people who are grieving, they have seen again and again just how life changing the grief experience can be.

In the first book and the two other books in the series, you’ll read their comments and ideas and those of others who have cut their own unique paths through their grief.

Funeral-Link hope these words and images will help and support you as you journey on your own grief pathway in the days ahead.

Funeral-Link members are in each region throughout New Zealand. They share each others values and are able to support families through the journey of change. see: for your local member. 

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