Grief is like a wave...

Grief is like falling into the surf, being pulled over by a huge wave and knocked off your feet..

Posted: Saturday September 30, 2017

Catholic Funerals

The purpose of is to give Catholic families the opportunity to plan the contents of the Funeral Mass or Funeral Service.

Posted: Thursday September 28, 2017

First Reactions

In the first hours, days and weeks after a loss, people often find it difficult to take it all in – what’s happened, how it happened and what will happen next and in the future.

Posted: Tuesday September 26, 2017

Grief is Normal

Funeral-Link know grief is a natural response to loss, but it’s not uncommon for grieving people to sometimes wonder if they’re going crazy! 

Posted: Tuesday September 26, 2017

Listen to Your Body

The stress of grief makes big physical demands on people.

Posted: Tuesday September 26, 2017

Thoughts and Feelings

Funeral-Link know you’ll have ongoing thoughts, feelings and reactions.

Posted: Tuesday September 26, 2017

Many Colours of Grief

Funeral-Link has commissioned the writing of this series of three books to assist families and friends through what can be a very difficult and challenging time. It is our sincere hope that you will find some support and reassurance in the books provided to you.

Posted: Tuesday September 26, 2017